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Tourlestrane. Co Sligo.   “Confronting real issues with vision”

Personal Paid Press Advertisement for  the holding of an enquiry into Banking May 2007; sixteen months before our government are forced to issue the infamous Bank Guarantee 30th September 2008.

I am am a contributer to Forum under the name WTTR. I joined to comment on an analysis of my appearance on the Vinvent Browne Show TV3 during the Euro elections.

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       A little working knowledge of Christian Teaching - not a bad economic tool!

                            Extracts from Western People newspaper article April 2, 2003.

                                                                          Vital that educated people who see wrong, speak out to protect the unwary!

Married, 4 grown-up children

St Nathy’s College, Ballaghaderreen

B.Comm., FCCA, MIB, Trustee Diploma                     TLT Flyer          

Ex Banker and Public Auditor.

Now an Accountant in Practice.

Originally from Kiltimagh, Co Mayo.
Spent 37 years in Dublin

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“Do the government not realise the gravity of the international situation now facing us? We will be caught in the dangerous eddy as the great Western Economies go into rapid decline, caused by the hidden power of demographics and not any highly visible terrorist deed. The hole that Leinster House is digging is getting deeper and the further down they go, the less opportunity for movement. A former leader had much firmer foundations to stand on, when he resisted international pressure. Leinster House now, more than ever for the sake of our future, our young workforce, badly needs a stabilising influence.” From Editorial Mayo Association Yearbook 2002. Editor – John F Higgins.

"When the leaders choose to make themselves bidders at an auction of popularity, their talent, in the construction of the state, will be of no service. They will become flatterers instead of legislators; the instruments, not the guides of the people"
Edmund Burke 1729 - 1797

"The Maastricht agreement, along with the pending single currency, will copperfasten the shrewd pension investment in our economy by our European neighbours. The EC is rapidly becoming a joint retirement home. The elderly will represent nearly 33 per cent of the population between the ages of 15-64 by the year 2020" from letter of mine published inThe Irish Times 19th April 1997.

"Ireland is the only democracy in the Western World that demographically has the young men to go to war" From Editorial Mayo Association Yearbook 2002. Editor -  John F Higgins.

Our Governments have been economically successful, but now need a little change of emphasis!  Our mineral deposits should be exploited instead of our current generation of young people i.e. at present all our young women are encouraged to take up full time jobs at the cost of having children.  This continued out of date and worn out policy in the Materialistic Western World is now causing Stock Markets to crash and is threatening the future pensions of the very young people who have been exploited.  Modern Western Governments are trying to wriggle out of providing State Pensions and are giving 100% tax allowances for private pension contributions.  Do they not know that the strength of a national currency depends on the productivity of its future workers?” Quote taken from The Irish and UK citizen gets the worst deal in the world from the exploitation of the hydrocarbon resources around their coastline” penned by me, and published in the Mayo Association Yearbook 2003. This article was widely read by people who were deeply hurt by the handover of our hydrocarbon resources.

The attacks on our young children and parents are continuing apace. Recent budgets doubled the cost of school transport, withdrew subsidies from School Books etc. Many other Educational Fees are to be introduced. Medical fees are increasing all the time; outpatients etc. Parents are lumbered with massive mortgage repayments; Negative Equity turn them into “bonded labourers”. The McCarthy report and the Commission for Taxation recommend the abolition of capital allowances for childcare facilities, the income tax exemption for childcare service providers: with tentative caveats mentioned. It also recommends subjecting child benefit to income tax. The attention given to families problems with the rearing of children is abysmal. Is it any wonder that law and order is breaking down? All this indicates that we have not a clue of the problems that the EU is facing. They are suffering from a horrendous fall in the birthrate. Our society is cutting its own throat by concentrating on policy to facilitate an “Aging Society”. This is a trap that the EU is in; what are they doing about it? The Lisbon Treaty (TLT) revisions mention “market” 63 times, “competition” 25 times, “defense” 50 times. “Birthrate” Nil times.  Capitalism requires growth,  the EU is an elderly society and  will be shrinking rapidly. EU pension and hedge funds have lost tens of billions in USA sub-prime; they are also sitting on huge amounts of other toxic assets, the true nature of which has to be revealed to the public. Those people paying into pension funds, not yet drawing a pension will be massively short changed; it is just another ponzi scheme.  TLT will  only result in a continuance of more asset bubbles and rip-offs.

My reflections on Capitalism's fixation on Growth is  receiving attention  from one of the countries whose people rejected  The Lisbon Treaty or at least its  near clone The European Constitution.  Whatever one thinks about Sarkozy, at least he himself appears to be glued into his people's concerns. I quote you the following from the New York Times 22nd Sept 2009  "In a provocative new study, a pair of Nobel price-winning economists, Jpseph E. Stiglitz and Amartya Sen, urge the adoption of new assessment tools that incorporate a broader concern for human welfare than just economic growth. By their reckoning, much of the contemporary economic disaster owes to the misbegotten assumption that policy makers simply had to focus on nurturing growth, trusting that this would maximize prosperity for all. President Nocolas Sarkozy of France, whose dissatisfaction with the available tools of economic assessment prompted him to create the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress. The official French statistics agency is already working to adopt the report’s recommendations. Mr. Sarkozy plans to bring it with him to the G-20 summit meeting in Pittsburgh this week, where the leaders of major countries will discuss a range of policy issues.” 

The thinking behind The Lisbon Treaty has beiing taken over by overriding events e.g. the massive Debt throughout the EU. The Dutch rejected it, the French rejected it, the Irish rejected it. Too much time has gone by. It is now irrelevant. Yet the Irish politicians, whose economy is in dire straights as a result of similar outmoded understanding of capitalistic growth, are still promoting it.

"I felt that taxation advantages of taking out pensions was not enough to offset the lack of understanding that Fund Managers had of the Global political and demographic scene. SO I CEASED FROM OFFERING INVESTMENT ADVICE TO MY CLIENTS"   from letter to the ACCA on 21st December 2003, explaining why I did not register as an Investment Adviser; even though I was probably the most qualified accountant in practice to do so. If asked, I told clients to keep it in cash, or in a bank deposit; and to concentrate on what they were good at i.e. their own work. I always told clients the story of what McDonalds did before they opened a shop in high rent Grafton Street: they for two weeks counted the footfall passing the door of the premises they wish to rent. Then I quoted Birthrate figures in our near Capitalist countries ; it usually did the trick!

What is an Irish Citizen to do, in order to get going a debate on the real issues of the day? I ran as an independent candidate in the Euro Election. During Radio Shows, I raised the topic of the European Commission’s Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) and the resulting harm done to Irish society. Our MEPs present just bowed their heads, made sure that they did not engage. Then they reverted to type, arguing with Mr Ganley re: election funding, MEPs expenses etc. The chasm between the ordinary guy and the elite in the EU is too wide for any future good things to come out of the EU. I enclose a page from my Election website where I tried to highlight the injustices done to the youth of Ireland as a result of our MEPs lobbying to make changes to this Directive.

I exhorted our politicians etc back in 2001 to use money as a means to achieve an end, not an end in itself. If they picked up on my theme; we, through our MEPs, could have saved Europe from the present emergency that is taking up everybody’s time i.e. the rescue of our banking system i.e. money! Then this is a Christian theme, which the European Parliament appears to not want to have anything to do with e.g. see what happened Buttiglioni and his Roman Catholic values. We could have avoided all the hardship etc. There is a wealth of two millennia of knowledge built up with the development of Christian thought through-out Europe, unique to any other place on Earth. The mind boggles to think of the narrow confines of learning that our modern  EU parliamentarians appear to have restricted themselves to; and because they are our leaders: we all suffer!

A society where “anything goes” is failing us!

We had a society with a robust economy; yet with people who would be regarded as well off, who were prepared to accept brown paper envelopes for unfair rewarding of contracts, land rezoning, planning permission etc. The tribunals have shown that quite a level of corruption existed. The balance of our society is lacking timeless and priceless values. Liberals mean well but have not the heart to stop a progressive rot in our society. What is the level of corruption going to be when people in positions of trust are up to their necks in Negative Equity? Can anybody whose family is threatened with penury or eviction be capable of making fair decisions; certainly there will be times that they maybe taken advantage of by unscrupulous buccaneers. The security of the State will be threatened. Ireland and EU could be well on the way to having a society that will leave the likes of the former East Germany and its Big Brother State in the penny halfpenny place. Already professional people are obliged by law to report suspicious behaviour to the authorities; this rattles an individual who was never obliged to report anything but his own sins in confession.  The Debt situation must be resolved: personal as well as banking and government debt; this can only be done by a complete change of tact on behalf of the EU.


We have got to enter a period of consolidation and drop the notion of economic growth at all cost, which sadly The Lisbon Treaty emphasises quite a lot. Our young people have got to be rescued from the noose of Negative Equity,  and exposure to too much government debt. "No generation has a right to contract debts greater than can be paid off during the course of its own existence."- George Washington to James Madison 1789. Will Durant (US historian and philosopher) wrote "... civilisation is not something inborn or imperishable; it must be acquired anew by every generation. Man differs from the beast only by education, which may be defined as the technique of transmitting civilisation…Through church, or family, or school, or otherwise. There must be a unifying code.


Ironically, the repercussions of Asset Covered Security legislation previously passed by the EU and Leinster House, originally allowing the granting of 100% loans etc., will result in mortgage lenders only giving a token commitment to NAMA. Its success also depends on the continued exploitation of our young adults to purchase property in out of the way places etc. Most of the NAMA property was built mainly because of the enormous profit potential, and not to meet the needs of young people. The property tide prices are running out towards the traditional mean and will overshoot; no amount of wishful thinking or waving of the hand on behalf of our Minister for Finance will reverse this. The good ship NAMA is holed beneath the waterline before it even leaves port!  Read my  piece on The Lisbon Treaty:  we have got to adopt traditional Christian Values from the Vatican or whatever, otherwise we will only keep boring around in circles and going further down the hole that we are in. Our Taoiseacht keeps telling us that he does things on receipt of the best current advice. I am so far removed from the thinking of these advisers that I feel threatened and will shortly be carried off to the Looney Bin! We have got to stop digging!


It has not being my wish to be plastered like this on a website. A kind of duty to the nation's future has taken me over during the last ten years. I have been accused of been all over the place with my writing. "One liner politics" has brought this country to the embarrassing situation that it finds itself in. Early on in my Banking Studies (Quit in 1989), I learned from Rapid Results College that a Trustee of a Pension Fund etc was only allowed to invest in designated funds approved by the government. I often wondered what the upheavals were that dictated these terms. Then I covered the Wall Street Crash etc.  When would the human character revert to similar greediness? I think that greediness was kept in check because of society’s link to religious practice, with constant weekly revision on practical doctrine. Then, as society rebelled against this teaching, it relaxed its monitoring and rules for the whole banking and investment scene.

 Man did not need God any longer; the individual was fully programmed to do right. Compulsory Professional Development (35 hours) was to take over the role of teaching self discipline. There is an awful lot of wasted time if one does CPD and goes to weekly Mass!  Religion was now separated from business as well as the State. People actually drew a demarcation line between personal morality and business. I read about the Rothschilds (English and French), the Morgans (USA), House of Medici (Italian), all great historic international bankers. What they had in common was that they operated with the sure back-up of military armies if they ever needed them!  The young men of small countries in Debt will be conscripted to fight someone else's battles. How many unemployed young men have we got since we last voted down The Lisbon Treaty; does anyone read the undercurrents? We are well and truly being snared by international events. All politics is local; who is looking after Ireland's place in the bigger picture? I watched with awe as I saw the Irish setting up the the IFSC banks, certainly a new departure; its related Debt has caused our External Debt to rise to $2.4trillion, (yes twelve zeros). No other off-shore financial centre has such debts; neither has London, Frankford or New York in proportion to their pop.  Ruthlessness was the name of the game.  I sensed that our politicians did not have the wherewithal to keep a lid on this. I really got worried when house prices doubled between 1996 and 2000. This was getting too close to the bone of Irish Citizens. I had four young children growing towards this expanding financial web of intrique; where money and profit came before need for an adequate lifestyle, for young people raising a family. For a summary on what followed: Read my thoughts on The Lisbon Treaty.  click!    

Registered to campaign on The Lisbon Treaty with the Standards in Public Office Commission.090909