"A little working knowledge of Christine Teaching – not a bad economic tool!"


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[QUOTE=soubresauts;2627743]Has Cardinal Connell died? [QUOTE]


Ops, no it appears not.  Sorry my big mistake! Thank you for pointing this out.


[QUOTE=SAT;2628492]Yes, things just aren't the same since they ended the Spanish Inquisition. We need to revert to the old ways and burn heretics and witches as obviously the financial melt down is God's punishment for suffering them to live. :mrgreen:[/QUOTE]


Our Society today is worse than any Jackboot fascist society. The problem today is that Mammon rules; instead of money being a means to an end, it is dominating all walks of life. Our present situation is subjecting us to the breakdown of society:


[*]the worry by Gardai representative bodies that some of their members could be tempted to take bribes because of the negative equity some of their members are in

[*]The near 300,000 who are in negative equity

[*]The increase in Suicides as a result of financial pressures

[*]The near 500,000 on the unemployment register

[*]The dire situation that children are brought up in, because our society requires, two salaries, to fund a house purchase

[*]The bail out of wealthy people while an increasing number of citizens are now living in poverty

[*]The protection of Bond holders resulting in above hardship




None of the above would have happened if good principles of banking, auditing, and economics held sway. Just like in Fascist Germany, the intelligentsia rode along; in our case with the crass doctrine of making money at all costs. This would not have happened if the protection of the family in according with orthodox Christian Teaching had any input in to government policy formation. It had not, the Christian Family with an in situ Father and Mother is no longer held out as an overall aim of our politicians. What has taken its place is a system where the State pays for the upkeep of many different forms of family. Children are no longer the responsibility of natural parents. But alas, money now dictates that the State rows back from providing for children


[QUOTE]The attacks on our young children and parents are continuing apace. Recent budgets doubled the cost of school transport, withdrew subsidies from School Books etc. Many other Educational Fees are to be introduced. Medical fees are increasing all the time; outpatients etc. Parents are lumbered with massive mortgage repayments; Negative Equity turn them into “bonded labourers”. The McCarthy report and the Commission for Taxation recommend the abolition of capital allowances for childcare facilities, the income tax exemption for childcare service providers: with tentative caveats mentioned. It also recommends subjecting child benefit to income tax. The attention given to families problems with the rearing of children is abysmal. Is it any wonder that law and order is breaking down? All this indicates that we have not a clue of the problems that the EU is facing. They are suffering from a horrendous fall in the birthrate. Our society is cutting its own throat by concentrating on policy to facilitate an “Aging Society”. This is a trap that the EU is in; what are they doing about it? The Lisbon Treaty (TLT) revisions mention “market” 63 times, “competition” 25 times, “defense” 50 times. “Birthrate” Nil times.  Capitalism requires growth, the EU is an elderly society and will be shrinking rapidly. EU pension and hedge funds have lost tens of billions in USA sub-prime; they are also sitting on huge amounts of other toxic assets, the true nature of which has to be revealed to the public. Those people paying into pension funds, not yet drawing a pension will be massively short changed; it is just another ponzi scheme.  TLT will only result in a continuance of more asset bubbles and rip-offs.  [/QUOTE]


The Christian family in Ireland is now defunct. The rearing of children away from their natural parents is the accepted norm.


Please grow up, the Church means more than the Spanish Inquisition; this happened because raw animal like human nature of mortals obviously took control of the Church. The Church is run by us mortals, these things happen every now and again. But all in all, the core Doctrine of the Church is there and any reading of the Vatican website never indicate anything that is anti-life. Read it, it won’t bite you. It is a very valuable source of the positiveness that life can be. Whereas we are now living in an anti life scenario


[QUOTE]Respect for life has been a precious grace within the Christian upbringing. If we do not have respect for life from conception; then it opens the gates as to lots of argument as to when life should be valued e.g. should abortion be not allowed at 14 weeks or near full term; at what stage should we introduce euthanasia; should we kill children who are not fully formed; should we saddle our youth with massive debt early on in life in a way that they will be slaves for the rest of their lives. Respect for life begins at conception. Nothing else should be even entertained. No WILL about it. I fully disagree with what Obama has done in reversing the Bush ban on embryo destruction. [/QUOTE]