No need to worry about the National Debt etc. Don’t worry, Be Happy!


Somehow, the original link to no longer works; so as it happens, I had the piece saved. So here it is!


June 2010. [quote=ne0ica;2725674]Afraid the current generation of politicans, trade union officials, public sector workers and the public at large don't seem to have much guilt about passing all this to future generations.[/quote]


Look! The argument is that we live in a Democracy. We have a party system. During the 2007 Election, our then esteemed Taoiseach launched the Fianna Fail Manifesto

[quote]Speaking at the launch of the document entitled Securing Prosperity: The Next Steps Forward, the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern committed FF to virtually eliminating the national debt by 2012. [url=]Irish Examiner - 2007/04/17: FF promises to ‘virtually eliminate’ debt[/url][/quote]


The opposition party candidates were in their own way trying to out do the FF approach. A number of people knew that this was all a load of rubbish and the people were been deceived. Some ran as Independent Candidates and highlighted the true situation and called for an Enquiry into the viability of Banks in Ireland, one and a half years before our Government were taken by surprise with the looming bank crisis

The people believed the politicians from the established political parties. FF was voted back into power on the basis of their document "Securing Prosperity".


So don’t worry, Be Happy! Fianna Fail, the guys in power; they who have access to all the figures, says that the National Debt is to be virtually eliminated by 2012. The people have every confidence in their democratic political parties.