Ireland as a member nation in the EU is acquiring:

the greatest Public Debt per GDP

and the highest Personal Debt in the world

The aging EU Securitisations (purchase of our young peoples mortgages), is sucking out the lifeblood of our Internal Trade:

equivalent to at least €7,300 annually for every house in the land

made legal by laws passed by EU and Leinster House

just listen to the cries from local business people

Government tells us: more job losses!

Our External Debt is greater than the much talked about Chinese foreign reserves

Pathetic rapport with concerned citizens over ten years has given rise to politicians’ disrespect for the results of Referenda.


The Lisbon Treaty is held out to improve this. How?

National vetoes will be diluted

We seldom if ever will be asked to vote again

a fate that has fallen to our fellowmen on the continent

There is no mention of a hopeful divinity!

Ireland’s voting power to be reduced from 2.18% to 0.872% in accordance with our population size:

large EU countries will directly benefit

The equivalent to handing over Leinster, the rest of Ulster to Germany, Poland or the UK

while large EU countries have 31% of the voting power in the UN Security Council, and 18% of the vote in the IMF, with 1.8% and 4% of the world’s population respectively!


In my reading of history, nations suffer such humiliation after been defeated in war!     Think about it?


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